Tell President Obama to make Arctic drilling 'off limits'

Shell has abandoned its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska in 2013.

It's big news. But just the start of something bigger. Now it's time for President Obama to abandon the idea of Arctic drilling completely and declare the Arctic 'off limits' to industrial exploitation, forever.

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Shell was supposed to be the best of the best, but the long list of mishaps and near-disasters from the company's failed attempt to drill in the Arctic last summer is a clear indication even the 'best' companies can't succeed in Arctic drilling.

President Obama and his administration gave Arctic drilling a chance and Shell proved that it isn't possible. It's time we kick our addiction to fossil fuels and deal with global warming decisively. That starts today and it starts with leadership from President Obama.

Take action today and join our campaign to protect the Arctic. Tell President Obama to make Arctic drilling 'off limits'. Forever.

people have emailed Obama. Our new target is 750,000!

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