Petition to Remove Fishing Vessel from Blacklist

Greenpeace will remove a vessel or company from the Greenpeace Blacklist upon receipt of evidence satisfying Greenpeace that:

  1. The vessel did not engage in IUU fishing; OR
  2. The vessel has changed ownership and the new owner can establish the previous owner no longer has any legal, financial, or real interests in the vessel, or exercises control over it and that the new owner does not have any legal, financial or real interest in, or exercise control over any vessel that is on the Official Blacklist or the Greenpeace Blacklist. The owner of the vessel at the time of the IUU fishing incident will stay on the Greenpeace Blacklist unless the owner submits evidence that it does not own any vessel that has engaged in any IUU fishing in the last 2 years; OR
  3. The owner of the vessel has taken credible measures to ensure the vessel will not engage in another IUU fishing incident and the vessel has not engaged in another IUU fishing incident for at least 2 years after the first recorded incident.

Important note: Please contact country or RMFO officials for the Official Blacklist removals. Greenpeace does not forward petitions concerning the Official Blacklist.

All emails must be accompanied by evidence establishing the vessel should be removed from the list, such as a letter from the Flag State and the regional management body/ coastal state officials for the region where the vessel is fishing.