Prime Minister Stephen Harper is destroying Canada’s environment, and now he’s threatening the Arctic with oil spills.

Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to push through dirty oil development -- even if that means trampling on Indigenous rights and environmental protections while ignoring the risk of Arctic oil spills.

Stephen Harper wants to stand up for dirty oil - we’re standing up for people and the planet. Join us.

Now Canada is taking over as Chair of the Arctic Council, an international forum set up to ensure the health and sustainability of the Arctic region. For the next two years, the Harper government will set the agenda for the Arctic

Canada is taking this role just as oil companies are moving north into dangerous Arctic waters, trying to capitalize on the disastrous effects of climate change. Just imagine an oil spill like Deepwater Horizon happening in the Arctic. Stephen Harper has the power to prevent Arctic oil spills from happening before they start.

We can’t afford to let Prime Minister Harper and his friends in the oil industry do to the Arctic what they’re doing to Canada. It’s time to stand up to this environmental bully and demand protection for Arctic peoples, waters, and wildlife.

Take action today and join our campaign to protect the Arctic. Tell Harper to uphold the Arctic Council’s environmental agenda, and protect the Arctic from oil drilling and spills.

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