Protect Paradise

Yes! I want my products to be tiger and forest friendly!

The last home of the Sumatran tiger is being destroyed to make the products we love. Join the thousands taking action to Protect Paradise.

Celebrities who are fearless for forests

  • JULIE ESTELLE, Actress

    Realizing that more & more deforestation are happening until today only proves that we, as human beings, are not doing our duty to preserve the environment we live in. It is devastating to know that more palm oil plantations are destroying habitats of the nearly extinct animals like sumatran tigers and orangutans.

    This has to stop! I am encouraging everyone to increase our awareness towards this issue and only buy "palm oil-free products". Let's all support this highly positive campaign and start making lives better...for the animals, for us humans and for our dear planet Earth."

    JULIE ESTELLE, Actress
    WULAN GURITNO, Actress

    As human beings, it is our obligation to take care of our planet. Now, Sumatran tiger experts have identified the clearance of rainforests for palm oil expansion as the single greatest threat to the survival of the Sumatran tigers in the wild. This means that unsustainable palm oil production is destroying the most species-rich rainforests in the world. Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, sun bears, clouded leopards, orangutans these are just some of the better-known species losing their habitat and their lives due to unsustainable palm oil expansion.

    Who will protect them, if not us? Release the tiger inside you and join the force.

    WULAN GURITNO, Actress
  • HARRY DARSONO, Designer

    Forest clearance means destroying tigers' habitat. These people, really, they are very poor. In fact, they are fake. True mark of rich people, they are noble. Tiger is the symbol of true wealth.

    HARRY DARSONO, Designer

    We care for the world that we live in. We are part of a movement committed to saving the last home of Indonesia’s Sumatran tiger. In Indonesia, forest destruction for palm oil is pushing tigers to the edge of extinction. Immediate actions are needed to be taken to stop this, and there are solutions that don't involve forest destruction. We want clean palm oil and we ask that our favourite brands to listen to our concerns.

    It is our intention that our little daughter, almost 1 year old now, would grow up to see the Sumatran tiger not just in a computer screen. We have the right to know if our favourite products are linked to tiger extinction.

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    FAHRANI, Model

    We only need to take the smallest amount of time in our busy lives to be aware and take responsibility in being clever conscious consumers. For we only have one planet to live on and several of our significant wildlife species, including the Sumatran Tiger, are on the border of extinction, mainly because most of us are either unaware or just ignorant to the situation on how to make a difference. We, as human beings, can help them live in peace and save their habitats. Read the label before you purchase anything. It starts with us! #ProtectParadise

    FA'VELAPUNK, Artis

    Cause and effect... action and reaction... if we start by being more conscious in every action we do with the right intention towards a better world under the right understanding to live in light, we can be part of this massive shift of human consciousness to be awaken and live base on love. There are many ways out there to contribute our self, and one of them is to be more aware in what we consume and not supporting any product that may harm our universe. Race your palms and save the Sumatran tiger, by supporting sustainable Palm oil.

  • POPPY SOVIA, Actress

    Obviously, I won't be willing to see an increasing long list of the endangered animals in Indonesia especially Sumatran Tiger. Lets unite! Lets protect them! They deserve to live and Rock n Roll in their habitat.

    POPPY SOVIA, Actress
    NAVICULA, Musisi

    Every action that leads to reducing tiger population is an action that inflicts significant loss for the state and an act of corruption of natural resources. The life of one Sumatran Tiger is much more valuable that the thousands of hectares of palm oil fields.

    NAVICULA, Musisi

Greenpeace Tiger Manifesto

I’m fearless for forests! I want the products I use to be free from tiger extinction. Clearing their homes to make way for palm oil plantations in Indonesia must stop, especially when there are better solutions.

I look after myself and I want to know what’s in my products. Don’t make me part of the Sumatran tigers’ extinction.

Yes! I want the products I love to be tiger and forest friendly.

  • There are solutions that don’t involve forest destruction. We want clean palm oil and we ask that our favourite brands listen to our voices.
  • We believe immediate action must be taken to stop habitat destruction finding its way into the products we love.
  • We have the right to know if our favourite products are linked to tiger extinction.